healing tattoos for athletes.

It is checked by years – when it is impossible, but very much it would be desirable two hares at once, it becomes possible. But, of course, if you connect your brains and invest some money. The last tattoo, healed in this way, was my very fragile and beautifully looking collar and now in the process – a pretty hard burn from the laser on the arm.

So, about healing tattoos without interrupting the schedule of training.

1. You will need silver-containing post-surgical dressings Cosmopore, namely silver-containing. Simply absorbing will not work, nevertheless in the process of training your skin is far from myrrh-washing, but it is so sweating. Take a small size, according to the scale of the tattoo – of them will be glued itself a compress. Cut cosmopores can not be lost chip antimicrobial coating.
2. Octanisept – a spray that kills all the most delicious, including viruses of HIV, AIDS and hepatitis C.
3. Bepantene, which is with chlorogexidine (orange strip). With pink and other not suitable – they are, roughly speaking, either for women’s sis, or for children’s ass, and orange is added antiseptic.
4. The One-Most-Plaster-In-Roll, which is white and fabric and is torn together with the skin, muscles and soul.

When practicing water sports (hello) – we also buy vaseline and food film.

Now – the sequence of actions.
We take the spaceport and do not cut it to build a structure to close the damaged place, gluing it with the pads to the side (the edges remain glued outside). Oktaniseptom sprayed so that it was already dripping, the surface, which we will close. We dab with a clean napkin or paper handkerchief, attached and immediately removed, do not grind. Again, we spray, but lightly, again we impregnate. Next, we apply the BAPANTEN’S MODERATE layer to the injured place, and actually apply a compress on top of it. And fix it with a band-aid in a roll. For waterfowl, it’s all a bit more complicated – pour octanisept over the compress, making sure that the dressings are not soaked to death, but were slightly moistened, and glue the film on top. It is extruded so that there is no air and no bubbles under it. Along the edges we stick VERY tightly adhesive plaster, isolating the compress under the film from the external environment, and over the sticking plaster grease Vaseline, including a little on the skin around.

I do not know whether it is worth adding, but during training it is better to ensure that the injured area of ​​the skin does not crumple into the accordion and is not squashed by anything, and generally to save this group of muscles. Well, the fact that after training all this genius of bioengineering thoughts should be removed immediately, disinfected skin and make your usual compress. If you do everything right, you will have a perfect protection of a fresh tattoo from any influences for about 2 hours of good training

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