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Sports Tattoos

I am glad when modern youth increasingly adhere to a healthy lifestyle, exercise and improve their body with physical exercises. It should be noted that the tattoo is the same decoration for the body, as well as the relief musculature, so increasingly these two phenomena accompany each other.

Sports tattoo, despite its recent appearance, is gaining popularity and decorating the body not only of professional athletes, but also their dedicated fans, and thanks to the Olympic Games in London has gained universal significance.

Sketches and the importance of sports tattoos

The founder of the tradition of drawing sports tattoos rightfully can be considered a famous footballer Vinny Jones, who, in honor of the victory in 1988 in the FA Cup, got himself a tattoo on his feet with the image of the emblem of his team and the cup.

Most carriers of sports tattoos invest in them the value of a talisman or amulet, helping to defeat their team and bring good luck. Fans also make tattoos as a sign of love or belonging to a certain sports club, moreover, this drawing helps to find like-minded people “in the crowd”, to identify allies and rivals.

Athlete Tattoos

Of course, people are shocked by my tattoos, because they cover almost half of my body! In any public place, all eyes are directed only on me, but basically I feel pleasant feelings from such attention. My tattoos are my choice, my life, without them I can not even imagine my image! I always do tattoos during the rest period from training, after fights, and when the healing period is over, I again go to the training hall.

Anastasia, Thai boxing champion

Fan Tattoos

Fan sports tattoos do not differ much from the tattoos of professional athletes and carry the value of love for sports in general or a certain kind of it, pride in their favorite team or sportsman, devotion to the fan case. Among the fans, the most common are tattooed emblems of football clubs, sports attributes (balls, washers, sticks, gloves), racing cars, motorcycles and so on. Of course, there are unique drawings and sketches that sports fans put on the body, for example, depict the face of a loved sportsman.

What thinking doctors about it and their advices

Most doctors believe that a well-made tattoo for an athlete does not pose a great danger, but advise to carefully choose a tattoo parlor in which a sports lover or a professional athlete is going to apply a tattoo. The interior must be clean and light, and the master, in addition to having an impressive portfolio, should always work in sterile gloves and clean appliances.

Important! Do not hesitate to ask the master to disinfect the working instruments if there is a doubt about their sterility. On this depends not only the beauty of the tattoo, but also the health of the client. No normal master is insulted by such a request.

Both doctors and masters assure professional athletes that it is necessary not to engage in physical exercises that injure the place of application. Also, do not dramatically grow stout or lose weight, because this can lead to the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, which in itself (though with a tattoo, even without it) does not look aesthetically pleasing.


Doctors never made any comments about tattoos. In addition, I did them during the rest period, and started training only after healing. There have never been any problems with loving tattoos and professional sports. I often have to gain or lose weight, but no tattoo on my body has lost its attractiveness. I sometimes sketched sketches for my tattoos. With the help of tattoos, I bring beauty to this world!

Ilya, the boxer

Tattoo of the Olympic champions

The most popular among athletes who have visited the Olympics is the image of five Olympic rings or cups and medals won as a result of competitions (individual or group).

Tips for caring for a tattoo during the healing period

In order for the tattoo to heal well and retain its beauty and attractiveness for a long time, it is necessary to observe the following rules of tattoo care, which are relevant both for simple tattoo lovers and for athletes:

  • Do not remove the protective bandage from the tattoo for 5 hours.
  • To wash a new tattoo is better not to use washcloths, and just rinse with antibacterial soap, in order to avoid infection, pre-tuning the optimal water temperature.
  • For better healing, the master is advised to use a variety of ointments to care for new tattoos.
  • In the process of healing, the tattoo is covered with a dry crust, which can not be torn off for anything!
  • This can leave a tattoo on the place is not a beautiful drawing, but scary scars.
  • You should choose clothes that prevent sweating of the clogged body, but do not forget that excessive exposure to sunlight will not have a beneficial effect on your fresh tattoos.

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Tattoo of prostitutes

In Soviet times, the body of every prostitute was necessarily tattooed, denoting her status in the world of crime and protecting from scumbags

The meaning of the location of the tattoo on the body of a prostitute:

  • Loin – her owner is very fond of sex.
  • Chest – a challenge to others, a desire to live by their own rules.
  • Belly – is freedom in personal relationships.
  • Back – the desire to dominate all the time.
  • Buttocks – ignorance of their place in life.
  • Sexual organs – are a desire to have sexual harmony.
  • Legs – lack of support from relatives and friends.
  • Feet – selfishness, the desire to fulfill their whims.

Popular tattoos of prostitutes:

Nude woman in full growth – explains the position of a prostitute in the criminal world, pierced on the stomach.

The head of a woman in the crown, surrounded by roses, hearts, butterflies – no one in the criminal world can force her to carry out an “unprofessional” job, pierce on any part of the body.

A naked woman with legs wide apart – on any part of the body, the steepness of the character of her possessor and complete freedom in sex.

A woman making * Inet – this symbol of prostitution was common among prostitutes in the 60s and 70s, pinched on the pubic.

Lily – this symbol of purity and integrity in France branded prostitutes, most often on the shoulder.

Rose – the body part can be any, most importantly, the color of the tattoo: red – love, attraction, blue – the desire for the unattainable, black – sadness, sorrow, anarchy, rose with spines – her owner had unhappy love.

Butterfly – the most common tattoo in prostitutes, a symbol of coquetry and femininity, it is stained on the genitals or in the visible parts of the body, depending on the design of the picture.

Mole – freedom, impermanence, the difficulty of the life of its possessor, can be applied to any part of the body.

Moth – its owner is famous for illegible ties with men, enjoys freedom and lives for fun.

Dragonfly – prostitutes who have visited the women’s colony, pierce this tattoo on the sacrum.

Sakura – her possessor is liberated in sex.

Seagull – means that its owner is windy, inconstant in actions and relationships.

Flame on the genitals – loves passionate sex.

A cat – in the nature of the owner tenderness and love are combined with deception and cunning.

“ЯХТ” – next to the image of a woman mean “I want you”.

For prostitutes, the body is the product that they put up for sale. Therefore, they are trying to decorate this product, make it sexier, more attractive to the client. In most cases, the tattoo of a prostitute is stuffed on the chest, hips, genitals and lower back. It is noticed that tattooed women are perceived by men as more accessible, sexual and attractive.

Now, with the increase in the number of prostitutes and the popularity of tattoos among ordinary women, these above-mentioned rules are not respected, but a professional tattoo artist will warn the client of a tattoo of criminal significance.