10 Wrap Coils Aluminum Alloy Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Blue 011F


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Are you seeking for a reliable tattoo machine to mark tattoos on your skin? We are excited to recommend this Aluminum alloy Tattoo Machineto you. It offers you a safe and quick way to mark your skin. With superior material, stable performance and rapid thermal diffusion, the tattoo machine can work for long hours at a stretch. In addition, it is very cost-effective, which is suitable for each wise consumer who doesn′t compromise on the quality. It is excellent for professional use. It will be your ideal choice. FEATURES New and high quality Made of superior composite material, the spring is high-elastic and anti-fatigue for long-time working Pure iron armature bar has excellent magnetic conductivity With stable performance and rapid thermal diffusion, it can work for 8 hours at a stretch without heat High-quality 2pcs 10 wraps coils is specially designed for tattoo machine Perfect for any tattoo artist who is looking for a good quality tattoo machine Specifications Model HB-LHJD011F Frame Material Aluminum alloy Construction Casting to shape Purpose Recommended Liner or shader Coils 10 Wraps coils; 28mm / 0.11 Working Voltage 4-8V 6-7V the best Starting Voltage 4V Optimum voltage 5-8V Running Speed 7200 R / Minute Capacitor 47μ A – Bar Material Bronze Contact material Pure copper Front Binder Material Bronze Rear Binder Material Bronze Spring Thickness 4mm rear spring & 4mm front spring Weight 4.41oz / 125g Dimensions 4.17 x 3.54 x 1.38 / 10.6 x 9 x 3.5cm Color Blue Package Includes 1 x 10 Wrap Coils Aluminum Alloy Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Blue 011F Extra Info Why the machine cannot start Malfunction Solution The spring pole does not touch the contact point of the slanting spring Loosen the screw of spring pole; rotate down the spring pole to the contact point, and then rotate it through 180°-360°. Tighten the screw to lock the spring pole The switch is off Connect 220V AC power supply and turn on the switch. The indicator flashes red Both of Adjustable knob (VOLTAGE) and V meter hand are in 0 Rotate the adjustable knob clockwise slowly. Simultaneously, V meter hand is also moving. V meter hand should stop at 10V-12V The spring pole touches the contact point of front spring so tightly that the machine cannot start, which maybe even cause short circuit. Turn on the switch, the indicator flashes green (No Voltage) Loosen the screw of spring pole; rotate up the spring pole for readjustment to the contact point, and then 180°-360° rotation. The indicator is green after it is short-circuited. Turn off the switch and then on again, the indicator will be red. Disconnect the cord from joint position owing to careless jerk during the daily working Check the foot switch and the plug The wires are broken while washing and sterilizing the tattoo machine Confirm the broken wires condition and have them welded Turn on the switch when short circuit happens, and the indicator turns green Check whether the plugs of cord and foot switch are broken or not. The damaged ones could cause short circuit, which should be welded with electric iron.


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