5pcs 1.6mm 14 Gauge Sterilized Body Tri-Beveled Piercing Needles 14G


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These 5pcs 1.6mm 14 Gauge Sterilized Body Tri-Beveled Piercing Needles 14G are perfect. They´re impressive items with attractive price, easy to use, and long enough to keep your grip easily. They´re plenty sharp, which makes the process less painful and quicker. Order it! You will get more than you paid! FEATURES Made of high quality, safty and convenient to use All piercing needles have been thoroughly inspected and sterilised by E.O gas Each sterilized pouch has printed the expiration, and you never need to worry the needles to expire Piercing needles are made from stainless steel with professional standard length, which fit for all sorts of body piercing Specialized manufactured to fit for exacting standards, just show your attitude with this stainless steel piercing needles Tri-Beveled grade piercing needles Carefully designed, excellent for use Specifications Condition New Material Stainless steel Safety EO gas sterilized Outer Diameter 0.59 inch / 15 mm Inner Diameter 0.06inch / 1.6 mm Length 1.89 inch / 48 mm Mfd 2013.01.03 Exp 3 years Size 14 Gauge Weight 5g Package Includes 1 x 5pcs 1.6mm 14 Gauge Sterilized Body Tri-Beveled Piercing Needles 14G Extra Info Cautions in Body Piercing: High – quality body piercing tools, produced by a specialist surgical instrument manufacturer, can ensure years of reliable performance under good care and maintenance Make sure the tools are used only for the designated purposes Handle the body piercing tools gently, and avoid straining and dropping them Treat the destructible stainless steel tools with great respect.Hairline cracks in the tool´s spring will result in a fracture when the spring is next heated Check if there are cracks or abrasions on the tool after use, and discard those damaged ones Please put the tools in detergent and warm water, or preferably clean in an ultrasonic cleaner immediately after use.Make sure the solution is mixed at the correct strength when using ultrasonic cleaners If tools cannot be cleaned immediately after use, they should be left submerged in a hot soapy solution and not allowed to dry out.Failure to clean and decontaminate tools after use may result in them becoming strained and the joints stiff Autoclave at 134 degrees for 3.5 minutes, or 121 degrees for 15 minutes.However, you should check the details given by equipment manufacturers Check the hardness of the purified or distilled water used in autoclave.Water that is too hard will leave a deposit on the tools Put the closed tools on the first ratchet tooth rather than the last to prevent tension and strain on the ratchet Remove any protective covering and rinse the new tools in hot running water, and then dry them while they are hot Used tools must be sterilized carefully.Dry and lubricate them before storage Keep in mind that stainless tools can keep in good appearance and function based on ideal conditions and kind maintenance given


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